Friday, August 1, 2014

Two Cyclops hammer human sized links and a new medical update

this is the death Cyclops hammer and basic hammer from wizard101. I forgot to release it after I built it. I believe it great and fun to build because its human sized. I remember I built it for my friends little sister. She was having a great time playing with it. I hope the fans have a great time building and using it. I found out why I lost control of my left hand after the surgeon ordered a MRI. I had a stroke when I was in a coma fallowing my surgery. He said that means that I will eventually get my movement back I just have to move my hand open every hour to loosen and relax my hand to make it work properly. I find that really important so once I can use my arm properly I'm going to release the fire cat, storm cat, frost cat, and black cats since I'm going to be given new glasses and I can build them and make sure the template is properly ready to be released.

death cyclops hammer papercraft zip file

basic cyclops hammer papercraft zip file

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

i had brin surgey

I'm released from the hospital and have no control in my left hand. It will take a while to make a new model.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

no new release date planned do to medical reasons

I will be having brain surgery next week to fix an aneurism that is causing me to have seizures. I don't know whether the surgery will go well or if some unknown factor comes into play. I have be working hard up till this point to release another model and it saddens me to have no control over what is about to happen. I will place an update once I've recovered and hopefully will be able to continue to make papercraft models from Wizard101. I want to thank everyone that has enjoyed being able to build the models I have made and hope that I can continue to design them.

By Amanda Hensley (lightcard)